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Evolution Gaming

The difference between live betting and normal slots or virtual games is the fact that real tables, dealers and machinery are used in live casinos. You are able to interact with the dealers through your PC or laptop. It is as if you are actually sitting at the tables.

Since the game is broadcast live, this means that multiple players can occupy a table, just like in a land-based casino. You can chat with everyone at the table via an interactive chat feature. This type of game brings the social value of interaction right into your living room or bedroom. The staff is extremely friendly as well as helpful and patient with newcomers who are trying to settle in. The idea is to provide a stress-free environment for everyone.

Games on offer include table favourites such as Blackjack, Baccarat, 5 variants of Roulette, 3 types of Poker, Casino Hold’em, Texas Hold’em and many more. In fact, although this is a new step in game growth for Evolution Gaming, they have introduced their first Live Slot called Mermaid Fortune.

In case you wanted to give them all a chance, the feature that sets Live Online Casino apart from an actual visit to a land-based casino is the fact that you can play up to 4 different games at the same time via a 4-way split screen. Technology always seems to be on the rise these days.


Everyone in the technology industry will tell you that the current trend at the moment is that everyone wants to be able to have their lives in the palm of their hands. This is why there has been a boom in mobile device technology such as Smartphones, tablets and the like.

Evolution’s Live Mobile Casino opens up a new world of opportunities, such as a wide playing space. It includes new places to play, extended play times, new demographics, closer customer relationships and more.

When a mobile game is released, it is not just released on one or two tables, but on all tables of that game. The mobile games are:

  • Live Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Hold’em Casino
  • Poker
  • VIP Games
  • Mobile games are supported on the following devices:
  • iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini (all generations)
  • Android Tablets
  • iPhone (all generations)
  • Android Smartphones

The games are optimised for each device to ensure better gameplay. Now, you no longer have to compromise on quality when you leave your PC and access the online casino from your mobile device to play your favourite games.


The live dealers are always courteous, polite and communicate clearly with players to ensure a relaxed experience.

They also ensure excellent customer relations and maintain a great customer relationship.

The team is based on integrity and teamwork, ensuring honest dealings with all parties involved and striving together to create an environment of excellence in all spheres.

Innovation, flexibility and reliability define Evolution Gaming, which makes it stand above its competitors.

Evolution Gaming’s software has become very popular because it integrates so easily and so well with most existing ones, without interfering with other software that an online casino may also be using.


Evolution Gaming casino

There are over 100 casinos that currently support Evolution Gaming software. Of these providers, there are a number of unscrupulous ones that you should avoid. You can connect to an approved casino here.

The top 3 live casinos, and among the first online bookmakers to accept the Evolution Gaming brand, are:

  • William Hill Vegas

This is one of the UK’s largest online casinos, firmly planted as a top international brand. This strong and stable platform is provided by Evolution Gaming. Upon registration, you will receive a $25 “first time” bonus to play.

  • 888

By signing up here, you can be rewarded with a €140 sign-up bonus to boost your balance. Being a “heavy traffic” site, Evolution Gaming pays special attention to improving their platform on a regular basis.

Along with the above giants, there are a number of certified and approved casinos that you may want to try out for a fun and safe experience.


About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers a unique online gaming atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more. The social side of “Live Online Casinos”, combined with the privacy of your own home, serves to provide a wonderful hybrid gaming experience that offers you the best of what the two worlds of online casino gaming can evoke.

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