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If you already place sports bets or want to start with even more excitement, be sure to understand a little more about this style, which can increase your profits

How to place matched bets

First of all, you need to bear in mind that this betting system, while increasing the chance of profits, also ends up being more risky. So that we can have an idea of how this can impact on your bets, let’s know a little more about the system of combined bets, besides going through the single and multiple bets, to make a comparison.

Single bets

matched bets

This most common type of betting occurs when the bettor invests on just one event. This does not prevent the bettor from making other choices within the same event. Therefore, a single bet will occur when the winner of the match in question is chosen.

Using football as a reference, the player can also bet on who scores the first goal of the match, or he can also bet on the total number of goals in the match. In short, there are several possibilities, but the bettor ends up choosing a single one and places the bet on that particular event.

In the earnings, the bettor will be based only on the odds that are already indicated in the match itself, to know how much he will receive in return. Thus, with a simple account, he will already have the profit projection.

Let’s suppose a bet of $ 10.00 is placed on the match between Gremio x Internacional, in the Brazilian Championship. The idea is to focus on the values of the odds first. So let’s look at the value of each of the odds in this simple bet.

Odds in play

  • Victory of Gremio: Odd of 2.78
  • Draw: Odd of 3.50
  • Victory of Internacional: Odd of 3.62

Having these numbers, the bettor just need to choose one of the results that he believes will occur. In this example, let’s assume that the bettor chooses to bet on Internacional, with a value of $ 10.00.

At the end of the game, the result was Internacional beating Gremio 3-2. The score does not influence the winnings, much less which players scored. Based on the odd presented to Internacional, the return value of the bettor is $ 36.62. Remember that this value is based on the odd, and is added in a very simple way: 3.62 (possibility leveraged by the bookmaker) x 20 (equivalent to the amount bet) = $ 36.62 (guaranteed return).

Possibilities in play

place matched bets

Let’s work with the assumption that you want to bet a symbolic amount of $ 10.00 on the following matches of Brasileirão 2020:

  • First match: Gremio x Internacional – bet on Internacional victory – odd 3,78
  • Second match: Corinthians vs Botafogo – bet on a Corinthians victory – odds 2,12
  • Third match: Fluminense-Atlético-MG – bet on average goals over 1.5 – odds 1.18
  • Fourth game: Santos vs Vasco da Gama – bet on Santos victory – odds 1,90

With an amount of $ 10.00 bet, you must resort to a system of multiplication of odds to try to find the return value, in case of 100% success: 3,78 x 2,12 x 1,18 x 1,90 = 17,96 of odd. From this, just multiply this new odd with the bet value, like so: $ 10,00 x 17,96 = $ 179,66. Quite inviting this opportunity to increase the profit even more.

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